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Vinesauce 2014 Charity Stream

Tomorrow, Saturday July 26th, Vinesauce.com will be hosting a charity stream for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. It’ll be a full day of streaming. We’ll be collecting donations for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Stop by, watch our streams and help contribute to an amazing cause. Click the following link the schedule and donation incentives!

Vinesauce Charity Stream Schedule and Incentives

Thanks to MoofinSeeker for the amazing art!

Trying something a little bit different. Created with markers

Quick Sketches from today


sweet i’m a fucking glass of water

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I am declaring today, June 28, to be “Talk Like A Middle-Aged Person on Facebook Day.” Leave a nice, thoughtful comment on this and any other post you see today………………. :)

A funny and thought provoking post! I hope you are well. Love from all the family, say hello to your parents from me and David Xx

Do not post things like this anymore! Everyone can see it! Also, did you get my graduation card? Very proud of you.

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